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Nature Station has now ceased trading. Thank you for all your custom over the years.

About Nature Station

Nature Station is a UK, family run company specialising in quality products for your wildlife garden or natural space.

Nature Station was established in 2014 to provide all lovers of wildlife a single site to:

1. Offer advice on creating a haven for wildlife in your own garden and guidance on further enhancing your habitat.
2. Provide products that will encourage wildlife to visit and offer food and protection.

Tony Fairburn has been a lifelong naturalist. This interest started when he was young, fascinated by wildlife he spent school holidays watching and recording nature (Gerald Durrell's excellent Amateur Naturalist book was used as the basis for most of his projects).

In addition, Tony has used his knowledge and enthusiasm to make a difference in the nature reserves around his home city of York. Through regular monitoring and surveying of wildlife, he has helped to make improvements to habitats in many of the reserves, and regularly takes local groups on guided walks through these natural spaces to uncover the hidden delights of nature. With this experience, he is well-placed to advise you on creating a nature reserve of your own in your own garden.