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A frequent visitor and resident of the garden, the Blackbird is known and loved by all. The male has an orange bill and eye ring and shiny black plumage, whereas the females (and juveniles) are dark-brown with speckled brown belly and yellow-brown bill. The females and juveniles can be confused with a Thrush as they belong to the same family.

The Blackbird male has a beautiful song often at dawn and dusk, but will make it's characteristic loud "clack" sound if alarmed.

Nests are built in hedgerows from twigs and soft lining material, usually grass or moss, and can often be found within the garden boundary. As well as being resident, birds may overwinter in the UK from Northern Europe.

Blackbirds predominantly eat live food such as worms and grubs from the ground. They will take mealworms, raisins, suet and kitchen scraps from the ground or low table.