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The gardeners friend, the Robin is a common favourite in gardens throughout the UK.

The orange-red breast in both male and female birds makes it instantly recognisable by most people whereas juveniles are a mottled brown. Despite their good looks the Robin is highly territorial and will protect their patch with the utmost importance against other birds, but mainly from other birds of the same species.

Robins are present in the garden throughout the year, recognisable by their warbling and melancholy song which can sometimes continue through the night. They will nest in an open aspect and in the garden they may choose unusual places such as plant pots and old kettles, but will sometimes use an open-fronted nest box.

An insect eater, the Robin can often be seen following a gardener who is digging the ground and swooping to snatch any worm or grub that is unearthed. At the bird station, Robins will take live mealworms as well as sunflower seed and suet from a bird table or from the ground.