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Nature Station has now ceased trading. Thank you for all your custom over the years.


Nature Station values highly the quality of the products that we offer. We put ourselves in the position of the customer, personally testing the products that we stock, analysing historical reviews of each product individually and questioning the effectiveness of design and components to ensure that the wildlife in our gardens will receive the best that can be offered.


When it comes to food, it is all about the quality of ingredients, cleanliness and the nutrition in the blend for different wildlife species. We source from suppliers that have highest levels of quality assurance.
Johnston and Jeff have been operating in the UK since 1880, and have never compromised on quality. Their facilities offer the most advanced seed cleaning operation in Europe, individually cleaning seeds and nuts 10 times to a purity level of 99.9%. No additives or cheap fillers, only top class ingredients, many of which are human food grade. Johnston and Jeff are situated only 30 miles from Nature Station’s base, minimising the environmental impact of transportation.

Feeders & Wildlife Products

It is essential that the support and welfare of wildlife is foremost in the mind when we select our range of products. We look at the design standards, quality of materials and testing as well as customer satisfaction in order to ensure both our garden wildlife and their human providers are happy with each and every item.
Wildlife World is a UK company that prides itself in the conservation and survival of species. They work with an extensive network of wildlife experts to develop unique products with innovative features, ensuring that species using the products will gain the fullest benefit from the design to encourage habitation, aid their survival in the wild and in turn contribute to boosting the populations of many insects, birds, mammals & amphibians. Their products are extensively tested in wildlife rich areas of the UK, fine-tuning features until they are fit for purpose and ready for use by wildlife. Products are made from FSC timber sourced from sustainable managed woodlands and recycled materials are used wherever possible.